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  • Mon Jan 29 - Mtg and ANNUAL ELECTION OF OFFICERS: January 29, 2018


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« on: January 05, 2018, 08:33:46 PM »
January 2018 is here!  ! 

The January Monthly Meeting, in addition to our regular update of club business,  is our Annual Election of Officers.
All members who would wish to run for any office are encouraged to place their names on the ballot as early as possible by sending an email to

However, any member can run for any office and place their name on the ballot up to the actual time of voting at this January meeting.

All members must have paid their 2018 dues in order to vote or to run for office.  Dues paid the night of the January meeting meet those requirements.
Dues can also be mailed to the Club address at PO Box 181 Alcoa TN  37701 as long as they are sent in a timely manner to arrive before the January meeting to be counted.

Those considering to run for office can read the guidelines for each office in the copy of the By-Laws by clicking the link in the lower left corner of the Homepage on our website.  All positions are open for any current member to place their name on the ballot.  Remember that your participation in the organization of the club keeps it running!!  Please consider offering your time and skills to keep the club active and fun!   

The address is Barley's Tap and Grille, 128 W. Broadway, Maryville  (It's the building with the mural of country singers on the side of the building by the parking lot)
No Board Meeting - This night is party night only!
Party starts - 7 PM but earlier seating and dinner orders are preferred (6:30 to 6:45 or so)
Parking is available at the public parking lot adjacent to the restaurant.  If this is full, the underground parking is directly below the adjacent parking area.  Free parking in all locations around the restaurant. 

Dinners will be by individual orders.  Please order your dinner between 6:30 and 6:45.  We hope to have service before or just after 7 to cause as little disruption to the meeting as possible.  We plan for the servers to bring your check with your meal so they can simply pick up your payment during the meeting as they check on service needed.  That way, they will be able to easily find each of us at our seats.  (since we tend to move around as soon as the meeting is over, this helps the wait staff to have checks resolved before we are ready to end the meeting.)

This is now our new permanent home.  We look forward to having use of their great meeting room.

See you there. 
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Sally Morgan
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Sally Morgan

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Re: Mon Jan 29 - Monthly Mtg & ANNUAL ELECTION OF OFFICERS
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2018, 09:45:53 PM »
Elections will be held at this January meeting on MONDAY, JANUARY 29 - Barley's Tap and Grille, W. Broadway, Maryville

Board Meeting  5:30              Member Meeting    7 pm  (come a little early if you need to pay your dues! and order dinner before the meeting)
Our club is fun and active.  In order to keep that happening, please consider running for a position that is interesting to you or that you have a particular talent that will be helpful to continue the success of the clubl.
All positions are open to any paid member to place their names on the ballot. Some of our current board members have chosen to not run again for their 2017 position.  We need anyone interested to place their name on the ballot.  The best way to do that is to send an email to so that a ballot can be started prior to the meeting.  Members can add their name to the ballot for a position up to the time of voting, but early notification is extremely helpful.  Voting is done in the order shown.  If you run unsuccessfully for one position, you can always run for another position that has not been voted upon.  Your membership for 2018 must be paid by the beginning of this meeting in order to vote or to run for an office.  You can place your name in nomination on the night of the meeting or nominate another current member with their approval.  As you can see we will need some others to step up.  Each of the outgoing directors offered help if needed to the new board members.
Positions that need to be filled by this voting process are as follows:
Webmaster:   (This particular position requires some knowledge of website management.  Current webmaster has indicated he will not place his name on the ballot for this position for 2018. If you have that knowledge, we ask you to please consider this position.  Help will be offered by either of the last 2 webmasters if needed, but having basic skills for this is important.)
Please consider being one of the group to fill the spaces we need to run the club.  Remember that you do not have to do this alone - if you want to involve a committee of other members and friends to help you plan and accomplish whatever position you are interested in doing, that’s great.  We just need one person to be the official director for each position. 
DUTIES OF DIRECTORS. Club officers in order of election process are listed above.
President (1) 
Set location, time and preside over Club meetings and Board of Director meetings   Work with officers to set meeting agendas   Sign all legal documents and items external to the club (e.g., taxes, insurance)   Has signatory authority in the absence of the Treasurer   Maintain club insurance and equipment

Secretary (2) 
Record and distribute minutes of Club meetings, and Board of Director meetings   Hold and maintain/update club Bylaws as needed   Carry out correspondence (letters) as directed by the Board

Treasurer (3) 
Make financial deposits and disbursements, as coordinated with the President   Keep accurate record of receipts and expenditures   Prepare written report and present at each Club meeting   Carry out annual State filings as needed, and prepare an Annual financial report.

Communications (4) 
Communicate information to all members directly, at least monthly (e.g., email)   Provide updates to members   Coordinate with officers and members to resolve schedule conflicts

Membership Coordinator (5) 
Publicize club locally; devise and implement strategies for securing new members   Solicit & collect annual dues in December by check or money order & remit to Treasurer   Process new member applications including follow-up with prospective new members   Maintain member database

Event Coordinator (6) 
Identify and Establish group driving events; acquire event leaders   Work with event leaders leading up to events to ensure as-scheduled, smooth events   Coordinate dates and location of periodic Technical Days

Activities Coordinator (7) 
Establish club activities (picnics, parties, tours, parades, shows, membership meeting special topics and activities, and other club activities)   Solicit and distribute event information with other Miata clubs; maintain external contact list   Acquire and distribute Mazda "corporate" merchandise for club meetings and events.

Webmaster (8) 
Acquire content from other officers   Ensure web site content is kept current, protected from intruders, restricted to members (portions designated for members-only), easily located by internet search for ‘Miata club Knoxville TN.’   Maintain the events calendar on the website   The website will serve as an archive of memorabilia, pictures, newsletters, etc.

Storekeeper (9) 
Identify and acquire club apparel, name tags, stickers, signs, etc.   Take orders, collect money and deposit with Treasurer, distribute merchandise   Provide materials for "new member" packets

Next week a survey will be sent to all members to ask your input on what the club is doing, and how we can improve - or what you would like to see the club doing.  The intention of this is for members to be able to communicate to the new board what you would like to see 2018 continue to do, change or add.  This will have the option for members to submit answers anonymously or with your name attached.  Please participate - give the new board your input, and if you are considering running for a position on the new board, this information will help to be a good guideline for the upcoming year.  There will only be a couple questions that will be yes or no with areas to put in your comments. Let's continue improving the club to encourage greater participation, more car stuff and more fun!!!

Sally Morgan
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