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Spec Miata -- SCCA Runoffs
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Use this album, or the thread by the same name on the Forum, to post pictures of Miatas, your own or those of your friends.
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Pat's 65th Birthday Cake
 Views: 1330
 Rating: 5.00
Posted by Pat Flanagan
Feb 22, 2011
in Pat & Teresa Flanagan's Album
Pat's Blue Cars
 Views: 330
 Rating: 5.00
Posted by Pat Flanagan
Feb 22, 2011
in Pat & Teresa Flanagan's Album
Found this car on a Facebook link sent to me by a friend. I feel in love with the color and the fact that only 400 came in this color. The car had many problems when I purchased it. I have changed the shocks and springs. Put a new sway bar and end links on to help with handling. Changed wheels and t…
 Views: 173
 Rating: 5.00
Posted by Randy Adkins
Feb 29, 2016
in Photos of Our Miatas
94 LB001
 Views: 359
Posted by Jim Deane
Jul 06, 2009
in 1994 Laguna Blue
94 LB002
 Views: 348
Posted by Jim Deane
Feb 03, 2011
in 1994 Laguna Blue

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Hello from Daytona
 Views: 101
Posted by John Kernodle
Nov 17, 2014
in Daytona 11/2014
 Views: 163
Posted by John Kernodle
Aug 01, 2014
in Photos of Our Miatas
 Views: 79
Posted by Guy Womack
May 30, 2016
in Roaring Fork Motor Trail
MX-5 Cup cars at NARRA
Some MX-5 Cup cars came out at Road Atlanta this weekend to use the NARRA TT as a test session.  The MX-5 Cup will be at Road Atlanta this fall as part of the Petite LeMans weekend.
 Views: 248
Posted by John Kernodle
Apr 15, 2013
in Race Cars & Classic Cars
Photos of Our Miatas
Inspired by this cartoon, use the album entitled "Photos of Our Miatas" to upload pictures of your car or those of your friends.  The album is set to allow use by anyone.  In the alternative, or in addition, post in the thread by the same name.
 Views: 120
Posted by John Kernodle
Feb 28, 2014
in Photos of Our Miatas

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