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Click here for a slideshow on my Zenfolio website.
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April 17, 2011
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We are enjoying our 4th Miata. We had a 1995 Red, a 1997 Dark Blue STO, a 2005 Razor Blue and our current 2008 Silver (Grand Touring Hardtop, with Premium package & DSC with traction Control). We also had a 1998 Atlanta Blue BMW Z-3 and a 2001 Yellow BMW Z-3. Although the BMW Z-3 is a beautiful and powerful Roadster, it is not as much fun to drive as the Miata/MX5


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Here are a few of my favorite rides (past and present). These are within the past 12 years. I wish I had better pictures of my older rides, but the pictures are poor (or don't exist). Check out my MG!

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A collection of stuff from 2011 runs

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May 24, 2012 - great day for a drive so I tried out the Devil's Triangle - WOW


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This picnic was to celebrating the achievement of the 100th member of Mountain Miatas.  It was a beautiful, balmy fall day for a run and picnic.  I'm sorry for the people that we didn't get in a picture.  Larry was the camera man that day... :)
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Fireworks shots from Alcoa's 2014 Freedom Fest.
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Great event. Had 13 Teams participate.
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